Thursday, April 12, 2007


It's modestly hilarious that no one comments on these posts, these days. I want criticism! So much of this stuff sucks, so I want to know what the gold (or silver, or iron, or stuff that isn't covered in crap) is. What, if anything, is interesting? What sounds lyrical? What would you want to read aloud?

Hell, do you read it? If not, this is wasted effort. Art is worth less without audience. Although, fortunately, never worthless.



Anonymous said...

Well, I would comment, only I (obviously) don't have a blogger. Also blogger is gross. To be fair, I think anything that isn't LJ is gross-- except perhaps Xanga, just because of the name. I mean really, just say it out loud; Xanga. So cool.-- so I guess my opinion doesnt count for much there.

To be honest, I'm not sure if my opinion counts for much here either; after all, I am a) young and b) impressionable (and c) fond of lists), so I think everything is thirteen individual kinds of amazing.

But positive renforcement is good too, I suppose, so I could be your personal cheerleader? Now all you need is a wet blanket and you have your Shoulder Muses (TM)-- although would that make me an angel for being optimistic or a devil for lowering your standards?

-Eshen the Anonymous (and Part-Time Pimp/Goddess/Unicorn Breeder)

alex said...

Obviously you need advertising. Ever notice how when you're taking a crap, you have nothing better to do than stare at the pieces of paper taped to the inside of the stall door? That would be a good start.